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Zoe Sage is so excited to be in partnership with the amazing founder, creator and mama of the NursElet®. An amazing little gadget that will save your back, your sanity and your mind, the NursElet® is both a strap to hold your top up while feeding as well as a reminder for which side to feed bubs on next. As we Mums know all too well, baby brain is a thing and we find it hard enough to remember where we left our phone, let alone which side we last feed the baby on.

A bracelet and a holder, it’s a genius concept and works so perfectly, especially with our 5 in 1 Nursing Covers. Get one for yourself or a friend, sister, sister-in-law, daughter-in-law; they will be forever thanking you!

Make Breastfeeding Easier with This Uniquely Designed Nursing Bracelet

The nursing bracelet will help the mother remember to continue to feed her baby. With the baby fed on either side, the mother can relax and so can the baby. Without any trouble remembering which breast she last used, the mother can ensure the child is fully fed after every breastfeeding session.

The way this breastfeeding bracelet works is by simply turning the milk band inside out. Being able to track this alone is one of the most useful among the many unique features of this product. This eliminates one of the biggest concerns of mums; getting the maximum supply in each breastfeeding session.

Conveniently Identify How to Track Breastfeeding

The bracelet can be worn during the full day period to track each nursing session. By simply turning the bracelet after every nursing session, you can conveniently identify which side you used on the previous breastfeeding session. Note it down in your nursing journal.

If you use a time tracking device, you can also track how long the baby fed. This way, you can record multiple feeding sessions in a full day period to keep track of how much your baby is consuming.

How This Breastfeeding Bracelet Works

The way that this breastfeeding bracelet works is by simply turning the bracelet or milk band inside out after every nursing session. So if your baby fed on the right side, simply flipping the bracelet inside out will help you conveniently identify which breast to use in the next breastfeeding session.

By simply turning the bracelet, the mums can stop relying on their nursing journal in which they record multiple feeding sessions of the full day period in a confusing way. The phenomenon of flipping the milk band inside out is also suitable for mums who pump. So, keep the baby fed while pumping strong with the help of this uniquely designed nursing bracelet.

Yes, You Can Multitask with NursElet®

Perhaps, the baby soiled the nappy during a nursing session. In the hassle to change the diaper, the mum may forget which breast she last used. This breastfeeding bracelet works in a smart way to help the mother conveniently identify which breast she last used. Alternating the sides ensures maximum supply to keep the baby fed fully.

Unique Features of NursElet® Breastfeeding Bracelet

Unlike other milk bands, nursing bracelet from this brand offers unique features. It is worn on one wrist. The mums can either conveniently identify which breast they last fed on by switching wrists, or by simply flipping the sides. The alternate colours and designs on either side will indicate which breast she last used to feed her baby.

Among the many unique features, one is that this nursing journal can be worn. Shop your favourite colours so you can rock this bracelet wherever you go!

Who is This Bracelet for?

Mums are unable to keep track of basic stuff amid the hassle of looking after a baby. But with this bracelet, the mother can stop relying on her foggy memory.

This uniquely designed nursing bracelet is for all mums who want to keep their baby fed by keeping track of every nursing session. Among the many unique features and multiple purposes of this milk band, one is that it will help you record multiple feeding sessions.

Get this uniquely designed nursing bracelet for any and all mums you know who are complaining of the struggle to keep the baby fed, who find it hard to track when to feed her baby, and want a milk band that can be worn to help conveniently identify which breast to use next.

Other Baby Products for New Mums

For mums, there are more baby products with many different purposes available to shop for. Get a quality baby bag to keep the nursing journal and time tracking device with you, while the uniquely designed nursing bracelet in different colours is worn on your arm.

Worth Every Penny

With milk bands, breastfeeding becomes very convenient. The uniquely designed nursing bracelet by NursElet® has multiple purposes. The NursElet® is a nursing journal that can be worn to track nursing sessions' sides by simply turning the milk band inside out as required. Simply flipping lets you conveniently identify which breast the baby fed on last. You can pair this breastfeeding bracelet with a manual nursing journal to record multiple feeding sessions throughout a full day period.

Keep the baby fed with this eco-friendly and vegan product. It comes in different colours and patterns so you can have a matching breastfeeding bracelet with each outfit.

The Origin of NursElet® Breastfeeding Bracelet

This breastfeeding bracelet has been designed by a woman who can relate to mums. In the struggle to keep the baby fed while managing house responsibilities and all activities of life in a full day period, baby products like this uniquely designed nursing bracelet plays a huge role. To feed her baby and keep the baby fed is a mum’s biggest challenge among many other distractions (like the baby soiled the nappy, she forgot which side the baby fed on in the previous breastfeeding sessions, etc.)

Where to Find the Bracelet in Australia

Stop relying on untrustworthy online stores. Order from me to get original milk bands, breastfeeding supplies, and other useful products to keep the baby fed. I am so proud to be her exclusive Australian stockist and distributor for Australia and New Zealand.

You can order milk bands, breastfeeding wraps, and other baby products made by NusrElet from me. Just like the breastfeeding bracelet works to provide many different purposes, other baby products offer unique features that are useful for mums too. A mum can feed her baby timely because the only way to have a cheery baby is to keep the baby fed!

Order Your NursElet® Products in Australia!

If you are a mother, you will surely be interested in this uniquely designed nursing bracelet. This product with its unique features is making the lives of mums much easier. Every mother can feed her baby as she goes on with her day period and all activities she needs to be a part of. Meanwhile, by simply turning the bracelet after every breastfeeding session, she can feed her baby on the correct side every time.

You can shop for NursElet baby products in Australia from me. Zoe Sage is the only trustworthy place to shop for original items since I am an exclusive stockist of the product in Australia.

If you are an Australia based mother, get in touch with me right away to get your hands on smart baby products that serve multiple purposes. Enjoy the variety of colours available. Build your collection with your favourite colours one by one or order a pack at once. Shop from me in Australia today if you are a breastfeeding mother or know one!

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