Guide To Choosing a Daycare Centre For Your Child

Guide To Choosing a Daycare Centre For Your Child

Choosing a daycare centre for your child can be a stressful and nerve-wracking experience for any parent. We all want what is best for our children and this means we want to send them to a childcare we trust and believe will help them grow to their full potential while keeping them safe and happy. The good news is that Australia is full of fantastic childcare centres that would love to help you look after your child, and we want to give you some tips to make sure you find one like this.

What To Be Mindful Of When Choosing A Daycare Centre For Your Child

Here are some things we think you should pay close attention to when picking a childcare centre.


The size of your daycare will be very important. Do you want your child to socialise with as many other kids as possible? Or would you prefer them to have more time to develop independence and have one-on-one time with the educator?


If possible, you will want your daycare centre to be located near either your home or your workplace. You will not want to spend too much time travelling every day. Also, it will be good to be close by if anything serious happens.


When picking a suitable daycare centre for your child you will want to ensure that they follow the National Quality Framework and the other guidelines from the Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority.


The hours of availability of the daycare will be another important factor. If you work unusual hours or will need to put your child in daycare on short notice, you will need to find a daycare centre that will accommodate these needs.


It is important to know what kind of extras are included at the centre you are looking at, and how much they are going to cost you, or if they are provided. For example, are nappies and food going to be provided at no cost?

Health And Safety

You will want to have to look into the daycare and make sure that they are shown to care about health and safety for all of their staff and the children. This includes maintaining proper hygiene, promptly dealing with hazards, and good infection and illness policies.


It is also important that the daycare you choose has safe, clean, and great equipment for your child to use. It is important your child has access to a safe play area where they can stimulate their mind and learn important skills.


What is the culture of the daycare like? You will quickly lose interest in a daycare centre if the culture is judgmental, non-inclusive, and does not have the best interests of the children at the forefront of their policies and actions.


Firstly, the daycare must practise good food hygiene and avoid cross-contamination and ensure that all food provided to the children is nutritious and suitable to their dietary needs.


When choosing a daycare it will come down to what you are looking for, however, it is crucial that the one you pick is going to have the safety and well-being of your child at the forefront.


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