How Long Do You Breastfeed For?

How Long Do You Breastfeed For?

One common question that a lot of breastfeeding mothers will ask themselves or others is how long do you breastfeed for? While this question seems relatively simple, there is a lot to think about when answering it. It is also paramount to keep in mind that all mothers and children are different and there is no right answer for everyone.

A Breakdown Of How Long Do You Breastfeed For

Since this is such a large and important question we will be splitting it up into two parts. The first part will talk about how long it should take to breastfeed a child and how often they should be fed. The second part will discuss how long you breastfeed before you should begin to wean your child away from breast milk.

How Often Should You Breastfeed And How Long Should It Take?

The time that it takes for a mother to breastfeed her child will depend on many variables. Because of this, there is no golden rule or one size fits all approach to judge how long it should take to breastfeed your child, or how often it should be done.

Lactation consultant Renee Kam says that as long as your child is getting enough milk it really doesn’t matter how long or often it takes a mother to breastfeed their child. On average, the younger the child, the more frequently they will need to be fed. Whereas slightly older children may go longer before they get hungry and need to be fed.

If you are looking for ways to assist you when breastfeeding your child, you could think about getting a breastfeeding bracelet, or even a breastfeeding cover.

How Long Should You Breastfeed Before You Start Weaning?

Once again, it is vital to remember that there is no strict rule to follow regarding when to begin the weaning process. While many people still believe that breastfeeding should only happen in the first six months of the child’s life, 28% of Australian children are breastfed when they are one year old.

There are many reasons why a mother may need to stop breastfeeding before they would like to. Some of these reasons may include the following.

Distractions – the child may be getting to a stage in their life where they are more interested in the world around them and less interested in breastfeeding.

Low supply – sometimes a mother may not be making enough milk to continue to breastfeed their child. It is important to remember that breast milk production is usually created to meet the demand of the child. If a mother is not producing as much as they used to it is probably because their child is needing less.

All in all, the process of weaning should happen at a time when it will not harm the child or the mother.

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