Ideas For Activities You Can Do With Your Newborn

Ideas For Activities You Can Do With Your Newborn

Finally having your newborn at home means that you are entering one of the most exciting and rewarding chapters of your life! There are so many important things you need to know and make sure that you are doing properly, but there are also so many fun and enjoyable things you can do with your baby to build great memories and a bond with them.

Activities To Do With Your Newborn

There is such a long list of fun and educational activities you can do with your newborn. To make things simple for you, we are going to give you our favourite things to do, while breaking the activities up into three topics.

Sensory activities

There are many activities you can do with your newborn that will increase their sensory understanding of the world.

Talk to your baby – Talking to your newborn is a great activity that you can do. When you speak to your baby it will promote them to look at you and listen to you with intent. Pay attention to their facial expressions when you talk to them.

Read to your baby – Reading is another easy and great activity. Even at such a young age, babies are already taking in so much of the world around them. By reading to them they will learn sounds and patterns of speech.

Listen to music together with your baby – Listening to music together with your bubba is another fantastic activity both of you can enjoy. The sounds and melodies from the music should keep them relaxed and happy.

Show interesting textures and surfaces to your baby - Giving your baby safe and interesting objects that have different textures will boost their curiosity about the world around them and should keep them entertained for a good amount of time.

Indoor activities

There are plenty of indoor activities for you and your bub.

Tummy time – An appropriate amount of tummy time is a great way for your baby to explore how their body works while making them strong.

Play smile games with your baby – Playing little games that involve smiling at your baby will be great fun for both of you. It will also increase the bond the two of you have.

Have a puppet play with your baby – Playing with puppets is a super entertaining way to play and interact with your newborn. They are sure to love watching a puppet show you put on for them.

Outdoor activities

You may also want to try out doing some outdoor activities with your little one.

Go for a walk together – Going for a walk with your baby outside lets them see the vast world around them. It is also a great way for them to experience the natural world. When going for walks with them remember to pack the essential items, and maybe even look into getting one of our 5 in 1 multi use mama covers.

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