The TICKS Guide to Safe Babywearing: Essential for Every New Parent

Babywearing has been a nurturing tradition for centuries. It allows for closeness, bonding, and the convenience of having both hands free. However, ensuring that our little ones are carried safely is paramount. For those embarking on the beautiful journey of babywearing, Zoe Sage brings you the essential TICKS guide to make sure your baby is snug, secure, and safe.

What is TICKS?

TICKS is an acronym that stands for Tight, In view at all times, Close enough to kiss, Keep chin off the chest, and Supported back. These are the essential checkpoints every parent should go through when wearing their baby in a carrier.

1. Tight

When wearing your baby, the carrier or wrap should be snug and offer a firm hold. This ensures that your baby is not only secure but also supported properly. A loose carrier can cause your baby to slump, making breathing difficult and putting undue strain on your back.

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2. In View At All Times

Visibility is crucial. You should always have an unobstructed view of your baby's face. This helps monitor their well-being and ensures they have a clear airflow. The material of the carrier should never cover their face.

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3. Close Enough To Kiss

A heartwarming reminder of the intimacy babywearing brings. Your baby’s head should be comfortably close, allowing you to tip your head and plant a gentle kiss. This position also ensures their head is supported.

🛍️ Zoe Sage Tip: Unsure about positioning? Our babywearing consultants can guide you with hands-on demonstrations.

4. Keep Chin Off The Chest

Safety first! Always ensure there's at least a finger's width gap beneath your baby’s chin. This prevents any breathing obstruction.

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5. Supported Back

Your baby’s spine is delicate. In an upright position, their back should be in its natural stance, with the tummy and chest snug against you. An adequately supportive carrier prevents the baby from slumping.

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The Zoe Sage Promise

At Zoe Sage, we believe that babywearing is a beautiful journey of love, trust, and nurturing. We are committed to making this journey safe, enjoyable, and stylish. Our curated collection of baby carriers are not only in line with the TICKS guidelines but also offer unmatched comfort and style.


Babywearing is an art, blending safety with comfort and style. The TICKS guidelines act as a compass, ensuring you're on the right path. As you wear your baby close to your heart, let every TICK be a heartbeat, resonating safety, love, and the promise of togetherness. With Zoe Sage by your side, embrace the beautiful world of babywearing with confidence.

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