What Are Our Zoe Sage Baby Zip & Newborn Rompers Made Of

Zoe Sage's signature bamboo rayon is a fabric that stands out in its category. While bamboo fabric is increasingly sought after for apparel and children's sleepwear, our bamboo rayon offers a silky, cloud-like softness that is unparalleled.

Parents worldwide have been captivated by our signature blend of 97% bamboo rayon and 3% spandex, entrusting their little ones' sleep to our care. When you think of Zoe Sage, bamboo may not immediately come to mind. We use bamboo in our baby sleep bags and zip suits because it's not only sustainable but also possesses qualities that other fabrics simply can't match.

Bamboo fibers yield a fabric that is 3 degrees cooler than cotton, exceptionally smooth, and extraordinarily gentle on sensitive skin, making it an ideal choice for those with skin conditions like eczema. Bamboo outperforms other materials in terms of breathability, absorption, and thermoregulating properties, helping to prevent overheating.

Our signature bamboo rayon is an ideal fabric—it's not too hot, not too cold, and perfect for a deep, restful sleep. It's lightweight, breathable, incredibly soft, naturally antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, and safe for sensitive skin. The advantages of bamboo extend beyond its comfort qualities. As a natural resource, it's one of the most sustainable, being the fastest-growing plant on Earth and highly versatile in its applications, with our favorite use being in our sleep bags and clothing.

Zoe Sage is renowned for its sleepwear, the category where it all started. Our best-selling Original Bamboo Sleep Bag, a wearable blanket, helps reduce the risk of SIDS by replacing loose blankets (a hazard) and preventing overheating (another known risk factor). Our bamboo pajamas ensure that little ones sleep more soundly by keeping them cool and comfortable, which also helps parents sleep better.

Here’s a closer look at all the fabrics we use:

Our original bamboo rayon is the most lightweight of all our fabrics. Silky smooth and stretchy, our signature fabric is unbeatable in softness, which is why we use it for everything from sleep bags to apparel. If you’re looking for the softest sleepwear imaginable, you don’t need to look further than our original bamboo material.


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