What Is A TOG Rating For Baby Sleeping Bags

What Is A TOG Rating For Baby Sleep Bags

While shopping for baby sleeping bags often involves finding a product with good zippers in a breathable material, understanding its TOG rating is a must. 

As anyone with a newborn baby knows, your choice of fabric matters. From breastfeeding covers, bibs, blankets and more, any form of material that your baby will be exposed to will not only have an impact on their skin but will also have a big part to play when it comes to regulating their temperature.

In fact, babies can lose heat at a rate nearly four times faster than an adult. Particularly relevant for premmie bubs, their bodies aren't quite ready to fully control their own temperature, even in a warm environment. Aside from purchasing organic materials, there’s one other thing that parents need to pay attention to when shopping for certain baby items: the product’s TOG rating.

Understanding The Importance Of A TOG Rating

If you’re unfamiliar with this all important acronym, TOG stands for Thermal Overall Grade, which is a standard unit of measurement to indicate a garment's thermal insulation. In technical terms, a TOG is 0.1 m2K/W, or in other words, the thermal resistance in togs is equal to ten times the temperature difference between the two surfaces of a material when the flow of heat is equal to one watt per square metre.

Although a TOG rating is applied to almost any product or textile that is used to heat or insulate, there is one particular demographic that needs to pay careful attention to this score: new parents.

According to Jane Wiggill, Chief Midwife at Red Nose, while reading a TOG Rating will help parents to choose the right types of products for their new baby, paying attention to a sleeping bag TOG guide is particularly important.

“Overheating is a known risk factor for sudden and unexpected death in infancy, so it’s important to choose the right TOG to avoid overheating and reduce the risk. Making sure your sleep bag has a TOG rating appropriate to the temperature conditions is a good way to determine which sleep bag is appropriate for your baby.”

In Australia, the TOG rating system varies from 0.2 to 3.5, with lower rated baby sleeping bags used in warmer weather while higher rated sleep suits being more appropriate for colder climates.

While there isn’t a specific temperature range to apply for a baby’s room, most sleep bag companies will provide a sleeping bag tog guide on the product’s packaging to assist in selecting the best sleep bag to suit their climate. As such, it’s also a good idea to keep a thermometer in your baby’s room to keep an eye on any fluctuations throughout the seasons.

If your baby is in a sleeping suit that is uncomfortable or not warm enough, they’ll soon let you know by waking up more regularly during the night. Along with following the right TOG rating system on your baby’s sleeping bag, the quality of the suit’s material also has a part to play in its effectiveness as well.

The frequent wash and wear of a sleeping bag means the quality of the fabric is important to stand the test of time. Fabrics that are breathable, yet warm make for the most comfortable sleeping bags, so aim to find a sleep suit that is made from natural fibres, such as organic cotton, wool, bamboo or merino. As a general rule, aim to avoid any synthetic materials as these offer zero breathability and may irritate the skin of your little one.

Ultimately, a baby sleep suit can work wonders when it comes to creating a positive association with sleeping for your child. In time, your baby will develop an association with their sleeping suit, meaning that everytime they are put in their bag, it’s a strong cue that it’s time to take a nap - but where can you find a high quality product that won’t break the bank?

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