Why Mums Are Loving Boba Wraps

Why Mums Are Loving Boba Wraps

While the practice of babywearing has been done for centuries, there's plenty of reasons why baby boba wraps have emerged as the modern day go-to for this practice.

For a medley of reasons, newborn babies are known to be fond of being physically close to their parents. Compared to the comfort of the womb, everything about the outside world is new to them, and can in turn feel overwhelming and even scary.

Thankfully, the same warmth and closeness that they no longer have access to can also be found by snuggling up to their parents. While the science says that newborn children recognise the smells and sounds that their parents produce, additional research shows that physical touch is calming for babies and facilitates the all important parent-child bond.

To help facilitate this, the process of ‘wearing’ a baby has been done all over the globe for generations. In addition to keeping their little one happy, new mums strap their child to them as a means to keep their hands free. In the western world, there are countless products to choose from, but a growing number of mums are embracing Boba wraps as their tool of choice.

Unpacking The Magic Of Boba Wraps For Babies

With only a few thousand dollars and not much more than the idea and the will to make it work, Robert and Elizabeth Antunovic built Boba - short for ‘Boulder Baby’ together from the ground up, and now own one of the leading babywearing brands in the world.

Counting over 2.5 million happy babies as previous customers, the empire’s signature product is Boba wraps. Aiming to be rooted in tradition yet grounded in science, Boba is also known to work closely with BABI - the only certified Infant Biomechanics laboratory in the United States.

In addition, Robert and Elizabeth also co-funded hip, spine and muscle activation studies that have since been peer reviewed with The International Hip Dysplasia Institute and even the National Institute of Health. While many baby product manufacturers claim to talk to the talk, it’s rare to find a company of this size actually walking the walk.

For new mums and dads on the hunt for a baby wrap that is safe, stylish and surprisingly still affordable, highlight of the Boba product range include the following -

Original Boba Wrap - Stretchy wraps mimic the environment of the womb perfectly, with rhythmic bounce keeping calm and content wrapped cozy and warm close to your heart. The one way to tie, no guessing usability of the original Boba wrap is a favorite for all new parents for good reason, and the product has even received awards for its design.

Serenity Boba Wrap - While the original Boba wrap is made from organic cotton, the Serenity Boba wrap takes this product one step further, and is now even stretchier thanks to being 68% Viscose from Bamboo, 25% Cotton, 7% Spandex. Although both products are designed to carry newborns up to babies up to 16 kg, the material choices give parents even more freedom.

Boba Carrier - As the newest Boba product to hit the market, the Boba Hybrid Carrier offers an easy to use buckle-and-go system, with all the comfort and closeness of the best-selling Boba wrap. While all Boba products are designed for a baby to be positioned facing inwards when strapped in, the Boba carrier has been touted as the most comfortable for parents.

Ultimately, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to babywearing devices and different styles will suit different people for different reasons. While it might take some trial and error, high quality Boba wraps can significantly enhance the experience of both the parent and the baby using it - but where can you find them?

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