Baby Capsule Vs Car Seat

When it comes time for your baby to start exploring the world through the window of your car, it is tricky to know whether a baby capsule or car seat is going to be best for your bub. Thankfully, we have provided some great information for you so that your decision can be made a lot easier.

What Is A Baby Capsule?

A baby capsule is similar to a car seat. Some of the main differences between them are that a baby capsule is more suited for a baby that is around the age of six months and older. They are also rear-facing, while car seats often face forward. Baby capsules are usually able to be removed from the car attachment so they can be easily attached to prams, which makes them great if you are looking for activities to do with your newborn.

The Benefits

Ease – If you are constantly going places with your baby and need to bring them in and out of the car frequently, a baby capsule will be a good pick since it is easy to transfer them to and from the car and into a pram.

Sleep – You will be able to put your baby in and out of a car without disturbing their sleep too much

The Drawbacks

Longevity – Since capsules are primarily designed for young and smaller children, you might not get a lot of use out of them before you need to upgrade

Not suitable for long trips – The way that most capsules are designed does not accommodate the neck muscles of a child when used for long periods. Using the capsule for any longer than two hours may cause the child’s head to tilt forward and harm their neck muscles and even block their windpipe

What Is A Car Seat

Car seats — which can come in the form of booster seats — are a style of car seat which allows children to safely sit in a vehicle. They are most often forward facing and attached to the actual seat of the car, while allowing the child to sit higher and more securely, than if they were sitting on the actual chair. The forward facing is not only safer for older children, but is great for when singing to your baby.

The Benefits

Longevity – if you purchase a high quality and durable car seat it may last you for years.

Safety – even if you technically or legally are not required to use a car seat, using one will still be a safer travel option for your child

Convertible options – some car seats have the option to be forward and rear-facing, which means you may only need to purchase the one seat

The Drawbacks

Portability – Unlike capsules, car seats are not able to be transferred into prams

Sleeping – Since the portability is not as good for car seats, if your child is sleeping when being transferred to or from the seat it is likely you will wake them

Newborns – car seats are not suitable for children under six months old


When making your decision, ultimately it will come down to your preference, as long as your decision meets the safety and legal requirements of your child.

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