Dummy Or No Dummy? How To Decide?

Dummy Or No Dummy? How To Decide?

This might be one of the most questioned topics that new parents will have, dummy or no dummy? How to decide? There are some great points on both sides of the discussion, but unfortunately, the choice to use a dummy, or not use one can lead to parents feeling guilty, shameful, or confused. We want to give you some information on the use of a dummy so that you can make a decision that is best for you and your child.

Dummy Or No Dummy? How Do You Make The Right Decision?

Untimely there is no right or wrong when it comes to giving your baby a dummy if it is done so safely. But before you make a decision, we would like to fill you in on the pros and cons of using a dummy.


Settling – One of the greatest things about dummies is that they help children to calm down. The relaxation that dummies cause children can also help them to fall asleep more easily.

Might Reduce Risk Of SIDS – Some studies have shown that using a dummy every night may reduce the risk of SIDS. However, more research needs to happen before this can be considered conclusive information.

Instincts - A dummy is also good because it will help satisfy a baby’s sucking instincts if they are not being breastfed.


Ear Infections - There is some evidence to suggest that dummy use may increase a baby’s chance of getting a middle ear infection. However, this evidence only shows slightly higher rates, so more studies are needed.

Dental Problems - If a child has a reliance on a dummy into the later infant years — four to five years old — there may be a chance their teeth grow out of line in later childhood.

Speech – If a baby uses a dummy constantly throughout the day, they might find it a bit trickier to pronounce words properly when they start to speak.

Misplaced - Another issue with dummies is that if one is lost or misplaced it might cause the child to feel very sad and upset.

Reliance - Another con is that if a child builds up reliance on their dummy, it will be harder for them to break that reliance, compared to children who are only given them at certain times.

Teething - Although dummies are known to help calm and settle children, it is important to remember that giving a dummy to a baby who is teething may be detrimental to their teeth.

Picking a dummy

If you decide to get a dummy, we think it will very quickly become one of your pram essentials. When picking, make sure it is safe and the right size for your baby's age. You must also ensure it follows the Australian Standard AS 2432:2015. Also one with a ring or a handle is good to have in case it gets stuck in your child’s mouth.


As long as the dummy you pick is safe for your child to use, it is a matter of preference and comes down to what you think is best for you and your child.

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