Do You Really Need A Breastfeeding Cover

Do You Really Need A Breastfeeding Cover

Despite being a practice as old as humanity itself, many new Mums are still unsure whether using a breastfeeding cover is the right choice for them or not. 

How often you should breastfeed your baby depends on whether your baby prefers small, frequent meals or longer feedings, but this will also change as your baby grows. Newborns will often want to feed every two to three hours. By two months, feeding every three to four hours is common, and by six months, most babies feed every four to five hours.

Inevitably, this often means that at some points, new mums who have opted to breastfeed their child will need to do so in public. While it’s important to remember that you and your baby are unique, it’s extremely common for many new mums to have trouble deciding whether to use a breastfeeding cover or not.

Why New Mums Choose To Use A Breastfeeding Cover

Despite popular belief, the process of breastfeeding requires a little bit of practice. While natural instincts are present for both mothers and babies, it’s not always smooth sailing, particularly for babies who have difficulty latching or waiting for the body to produce enough milk for the baby’s needs.

Either way, breastfeeding can be tough. New mums who are doing so should expect to spend a lot of time getting their baby to latch and unlatch, watching them to make sure they are feeding well and checking to see if they are asleep. Inevitably, this process requires them to have a bare breast on display.

While breastfeeding is quite literally the most natural thing in the world, a lot of women struggle with wrapping their head around doing so in public. After a lifetime of being told to cover up, many are uncomfortable with the idea and feel exposed, even though they’re feeding their baby.

As such, this is one of the key reasons why new mums opt to use a breastfeeding cover. While it’s important to reiterate that you don’t technically need to use one - and no mother should ever feel pressured by outside forces to do so - they can feel like somewhat of a comfort blanket for both mums and bubs alike.

Although some mums prefer to use a breastfeeding cover up for privacy purposes, the right product can also provide plenty of benefits for the baby as well. In fact, a breathable breastfeeding cover takes away visual distractions, offers sun protection and mutes some outside sounds to keep the baby focused on the job of getting a full meal whenever they need one, making the experience more comfortable for both mum and bub alike.

When shopping for a breastfeeding cover, learning how to choose the right one involves ticking off several different boxes. Not all breastfeeding covers were created equally, but most are safe so long as they are made with a breathable fabric, and aren't tight to your body. In addition, there needs to be room for airflow and crucially space for the baby to tilt their head fully back for an effective latch, as well as being able to unlatch again when the time comes.

Ideally, aim to invest in a breastfeeding cover made from organic cotton. This new age material is softer and kinder to the skin, while it also provides more comfort for your child during feeds. What’s more, is that the cotton gets softer the more it is washed, meaning that the more your baby or child wears organic cotton - the better it gets.

Ultimately, the perfect breastfeeding cover should empower mums to feed with confidence and protect their baby from distractions, germs and elements in any season - but what if we told you that there was a product that could double as a breastfeeding cover, capsule cover, trolley cover, highchair cover and nursing scarf all in one?

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