Celebrating Your Baby's First Christmas

Celebrating Your Baby's First Christmas

While the star of the show might not do too much other than sleeping and eating, it's still important to commemorate and celebrate your baby's first Christmas.

Although we may not have the signature snowfall, roast turkey or reindeer, Christmas in Australia is still recognised as a pretty big deal. Most workplaces wrap up trading for the year, summer is in full swing, and families get the chance to unite right around the nation.

For first time parents who have welcomed a new bundle of joy during the year, their first Christmas with a baby often feels extra special. Since family is the focus during the holidays, the realisation that you will have the joy of sharing this period with your children in the years to come is a special kind of Christmas magic.

While your bub might be perfectly content to watch you potter about hanging decorations, wrapping presents and entertaining guests, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t some unique ways to celebrate their first Christmas and celebrate their presence during the festivities.

Five Ways To Mark Your First Christmas With A Baby

Whether we like it or not, most of us tend to get slightly more sentimental than we usually would during the Christmas period. At the end of the year, we’re finally allowed to slow down, and take stock of all that’s happened in the previous twelve month period.

On the list of big life events, having a baby is right up there with some of the most monumental moments. It’s also important to remember that although having a newborn can be stressful, all of those sleepless nights are worth it when you realise how special this period is, and how you can never get the time back. As such, making an effort to commemorate your baby’s first Christmas is a must, and it’s actually easier than you might think.

Take Some Photos - While this one may sound obvious, many people forget to capture the moment in time that is their baby’s first Christmas. Regardless of whether your preference is taking a trip to the nearest shopping centre to meet Santa, or to simply grab a snap in front of the Christmas tree as a family, be sure to prioritise this easy way to celebrate the occasion.

Make An Ornament - Many of us can fondly remember a Christmas decoration or two that’s been in their family since the dawn of time. Whether it’s a slightly rusty looking piece of tinsel or a Christmas tree ornament with your name on it, use this period to start new traditionals with your family and make a physical keepsake.

Decorate The Tree Together - The unspoken rule about the holidays is that it’s not truly Christmas time until the tree goes up. We’ve all seen the movies where families decorate the tree together and a child is lifted to anoint its highest point with a star, and while your newborn might be too small for this, decorating the tree together as a family is still just as special.  

Get Some Festive Outfits - While this route may feel slightly too cringeworthy for some, there’s no cuter way to make the most of the festive season by frocking your baby up in a themed onesie or t-shirt. Not only will your little one look like they’re in the Christmas spirit, but this relatively affordable keepsake will surely be even cuter in the years to come.

Hang A Christmas Stocking - Although a newborn may be too young to fully grasp the concept of a Christmas stocking, as they grow, you can certainly bet that they’ll be enthusiastic about having their very own sock for Santa Claus to visit and fill up with presents - that is, if Mum and Dad remember to put their name on it.

In many cultures, Christmas is an important holiday for families and friends to come together and share love and gratitude, and show appreciation for each other. However, most of the secular magic of Christmas is aimed at children: the Santa Claus story, the commercials, the excitement, Rudolf, and all the glitter and lights that make the season so special.

While it’s easy to get carried away finding the perfect Christmas present for your newborn or small child, be sure not to forget about Mum. Ultimately, the ideal gifts for new mums should be practical without sacrificing style. In addition, products for both mums and bubs should prioritise quality over quantity, and come from outlets with a reputation for excellence in this arena - but where do you find them?

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