Baby Sleeping Bags: 5 Benefits that Mums Can't Resist

Getting your little one to have a snooze isn't always a walk in the park, but baby sleeping bags are a unique tool that can help make the task slightly easier.

With the right sleeping bag, even babies with sensitive skin can sleep at a comfortable temperature the whole year round.  Coupled with a perfect sleep suit, any baby girl or little boy can get a comfortable night’s sleep—just the kid parents love to dream about (including caring for their baby's skin!)

Introducing the Zoe Sage dream swaddle

At Zoe Sage, we pride ourselves on getting the perfect sleeping bags or sleep bags that are suitable for all babies.

Have you tried many sleeping bags before? Do you love to dream about your babies having arms free sleep?

We are well aware that baby’s ski requires only organic cotton, natural fibre, and a super soft texture. Only then can you achieve that dream swaddle, sleeping bag, sleep sack, or any other safe sleep alternative.

The Necessity of Swaddling

Did you know that most babies are comforted by swaddling as the sensation is similar to the comfort and security that they experienced in the womb before birth? Many parents choose to swaddle if their baby has a strong startle reflex that often wakes them and the concept is typically applied for babies from newborn to two months of age. Sometimes, a sleep slack can also be the perfect transition bag before you make a separate child’s room.

What a dream swaddle requires

Parents love to dream about making their baby comfortable all year round, especially on cooler nights and during the warmer months. 

They also love to dream about having their baby graduate from night time nappy changes. For this, you have to regulate body temperature and ensure a healthy sleep time.

A thermal overall grade A sleeping bag can make for easy nappy changes, act as a transition bag when required, and make babies love to dream peacefully.

While sleep is an entirely new concept to these little beings, parents are not only responsible for getting their baby to sleep, but to ensure that their environment is safe for them to do so. For babies who start to show signs of rolling, a baby sleeping bag is another great option to keep them comfortable, avoid any obstructions around their head and safely keep them asleep on their back - but what are some of the other key benefits on offer?

Five Reasons to Consider Baby Sleeping Bags for New Borns

As your baby gets older, parents should change the way that they wrap them. While you can leave their arms free from around three months old, be sure to stop wrapping them as soon as they’re able to roll. After around six months, your baby will likely resist being wrapped at all and a great alternative is to use a sleeping suit.

As this type of sleeping suit is essentially a bodysuit made of a blanket-like material with a hole for your baby's head, a baby sleeping bag will also give the option of no arm holes like a swaddle or two holes for their hands to go through as they start to grow.

While they may look like a giant Christmas sock, a sleeping baby bag can work wonders when it comes to creating a positive association with sleeping for your child. In time, your baby will develop an association with their sleeping suit, meaning that every time they are put in their sleeping bag or sleep sack, it’s a strong cue that it’s time to take a nap. If that’s not motivation enough to use one, other perks that have been linked to using a baby sleep bag include the following.

Wrap the Baby Warm with Convenience

A safe infant sleeping bag is made in such a way that the baby cannot slip inside the bag and become completely covered, while still protecting them from the Moro reflex. Aside from warmth, many parents opt to use these types of products as a faster and more convenient option than swaddling as most come with handy zips. We love to dream about making things easier for parents, and our sleep suit is one way of achieving that dream.

Temperature Control

While doonas, quilts, wedges, bedding rolls or pillows aren’t suitable to use in a baby’s cot as these can potentially cover their head and restrict their airways, keeping your baby at the right temperature can still be done in a safe manner. As baby sleeping bags come in a wide variety of materials and levels of thickness, they’re often a happy medium.

Investing in a quality sleeping bag or sleep bags from Zoe Sage can provide protection from fluctuating room temperatures as well. Choosing a decent sleep suit is also essential for this practice. If you love to dream about the perfect bedtime, our sleeping bags are also available in different styles and hip healthy choices. Choose a matching sleep suit, and your bedtime pictures will get a lovely professional touch.

A Calming Device

The concept of wrapping a baby as a calming measure goes all the way back to ancient times as it can mimic the safety, comfort and position that they had in the womb. In addition, babies can lose heat rapidly, nearly four times faster than an adult. Using a newborn sleeping bag can help to cover both of these bases and keep your baby calm.

Create Sleep Cues

Once your baby becomes familiar with their sleeping suit, they will quickly associate it with taking a nap. While this is incredibly helpful for new parents trying to create a routine, the sleep cues are also revolutionary when taking the baby outside of its home environment, such as on holidays or when visiting family or friends.

Reduce Wake Ups

While all new parents can expect their newborn baby to wake in the middle of the night for a variety of reasons, many people make the mistake of assuming that their baby is hungry. In reality, the baby is often cold, so a baby sleeping bag can help to regulate this and keep them settled throughout the night.

To access these perks, it’s recommended to use a sleeping baby bag that is made from natural fibres, such as organic cotton, wool, bamboo or merino. These are the safest options for ensuring that your baby won’t get too hot, and avoid using any synthetic materials with zero breathability.

Sleeping bags for comforting your baby

Ultimately, the sleeping suit should be able to meet all of the above criteria and ensure that a baby is safe, comfortable and able to sleep at the right temperature. With so many options on the market for parents to choose from, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with making the right choice. At Zoe Sage, we’re here to change that.

Ready to get the perfect sleeping bags and a complete sleep suit for your little love? Head on over to our large collection of sleep suit ensembles, sleeping bags designs, and everything else you love to dream about for your baby!


Zoe Sage came from a genuine desire to ease into the transition to motherhood and breastfeeding because - let’s be honest - motherhood is no joke. Owned and operated by a young mother of two, Zoe Sage is all about offering incredible products that actually reduce stress levels instead of increasing them. If mothers love to dream about a goal for their baby, our aim is to be right by their side by offering them the best sleep suits for their little one!

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