Five Reasons To Use A Trolley Cover

Although going grocery shopping or heading to the nearest Westfield isn't exactly something that new mums look forward to, a trolley cover can make it easier. A baby trolley cover can put you, the baby, and any older children at ease. Whether there are school functions to attend or a restaurant to try out, a shopping trolley cover or high chair cover can work wonders.

The fourth trimester is a modern term used to describe the twelve-week period immediately after you have had your baby. While not everyone has heard of it, just about every mother and their newborn baby will certainly go through this time of great physical and emotional change. In simple terms, your baby is adjusting to being outside the womb and you’re transitioning into your new life as a mum.

Often characterised by crying and a lack of sleep from all parties involved, the good news is that the fourth trimester doesn’t last forever and at some point, you will get to reenter the world. For many new mums, this is usually done slowly by heading to controlled environments like the houses of family members and friends, where there’s less pressure tied to things like changing a nappy and having a safe space to breastfeed.

Sooner or later though, there will come a time where you will need to bite the bullet and bring your baby along to complete essential tasks that you would otherwise prefer to do alone, such as grocery shopping. For many mums, it’s at this point that using a trolley cover is a must.

Five Noteworthy Benefits of Using a Trolley Cover

Although it’s rare to find someone who actually enjoys grocery shopping, the experience is much more difficult when you have a baby in tow. Going shopping is full of unpredictability, sensory overload and interactions with strangers which is only compounded by the fear of your baby crying when your trolley is already halfway full.

Like most things, being as organised as you can is one way to help alleviate this unique type of anxiety and using a trolley cover for your baby or small child is a subtle tool that can help make the task less stressful thanks to their wide range of benefits.

Protection from Germs

As a general rule, kids are magnets for attracting all types of germs and bacteria, but supermarket trolleys are a whole different beast entirely. In fact, recent studies have shown that the average supermarket trolley has 361 times more bacteria than a toilet door knob, so do your part to protect your child from these nasties and use a trolley cover.

Enhanced Comfort

How would you feel about sitting on a flat metal surface with little to no support? There’s a high chance that this doesn’t sound all that comfortable and therefore, the same logic applies to shopping trolleys. As a trolley cover can add some padding and softness to an otherwise hard surface, it’s likely to make the experience more enjoyable for everyone.

Improved Trolley Safety

If a grocery store trolley or a similar device at a shopping centre has been stored outside, there’s a high chance that the metal bars have been exposed to the elements. To ensure that your baby or child doesn’t burn themselves on the hot metal or get cold from the opposite conditions, a trolley cover can work wonders.

Easy to Keep Clean

As a portable piece of fabric, all of the benefits of using a trolley cover can be retained by simply throwing it in the wash. To guarantee its longevity and avoid having it fall apart in just a few months, aim to source a trolley cover that is made from organic materials such as cotton, as this will keep the skin of your little one happy as well.

On the Go Solutions

From nappy bags to toys to breastfeeding covers, new mums and dads already have a lot of items to bring with them every time they want to leave the house with their baby. To save time, energy and space, aim to find a trolley cover that can perform other roles, such as our Five In One Multi Use Mama Cover.

What Does Our Shopping Trolley Cover Have to Offer?

How many times have parents struggled to read a full page undisturbed, pay the right price at checkout, or get embarrassed at a restaurant with their screaming kid? Even eating in peace can be an issue at times. But supermarket trips can be especially worrying.

While out shopping, you need space to check your phone, discuss a subject, or just notice the best deals around. All these are great reasons to shop for our high chair cover options, a shopping trolley cover, or a playette shopping trolley cover. Here are a few features to expect with our standard shopping trolley cover or playette shopping trolley cover:

  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • A foldable tote bag for easy storage of the shopping trolley cover
  • Hassle-free delivery for each shopping trolley cover or playette shopping trolley cover

With all these functions, eating outside of your home will never be an issue.

A Convenient Choice

With the smooth delivery and easy storage of our shopping trolley cover, a careful selection results in the best choice for your baby.

With the foldable tote bag, you will be able to take this cover anywhere and use when needed.

The perfect trolley cover should empower mums to navigate the world with confidence and protect their baby from distractions, germs and elements in any season - but what if we told you that there was a product that could double as a breastfeeding cover, capsule cover, highchair cover and nursing scarf all in one?


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From stretchy wraps, silicone feeding sets and our signature Five In One Multi Use Mama Cover, we’ve got the essentials of motherhood covered alongside free shipping over $100, a thirty day returns policy, and of course, flexible payment options like ZipPay and Afterpay.

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