Five Egg-citing Ideas for Your Baby’s First Easter Celebration


It’s never too early to introduce some memory-making traditions into your family, and there’s no better place to start than at Easter. Chocolate is delicious but there are plenty of other ways to celebrate Easter. Give your baby the gift of memories with these five egg-citing ideas:

  1. Create an Easter box:

What kid doesn’t love a gift box? Top it with new pyjamas, a book, and a soft baby animal toy. Your baby will love getting a few new things, and each year you can change it up based on their age. Don’t forget to take a photo of your baby with their box so you can compare photos as they get older.

  1. Create an Easter experience

You don’t have to give gifts to celebrate Easter. You don’t even have to give chocolate. You can enjoy Easter with your baby by simply doing something fun together. You could decorate eggs, bake cookies, go on an Easter egg hunt, have a picnic, or even plant some special ‘Easter seeds’ and watch your flowers bloom. And remember to keep your egg hunt age-appropriate. Hiding some toys or some of their favourite snacks is just as exciting as looking for chocolate eggs.

  1. Have an Easter photoshoot

Buy some bunny ears for the family and do a fun photoshoot with your new baby. There is no better time to take photos of your child than when they’re still a baby and haven’t quite mastered the art of ‘NO’. A carrot cake smash will add to the fun and ensure hilarious photos. Consider a silicone feeding set if you want more fun and less mess.

  1. Write your baby a letter

Writing a letter is such a beautiful thing to do for your baby, not just for Easter but for all the big milestones in their first year. Keep the letter to give as an adult, and don’t forget to include a picture of the day. As time goes by, you’ll forget all the little moments, and having letters and photos will always be something you’ll appreciate later on.


  1. Get crafty

Get some orange paint and create some art of your baby’s footprint. Once completed, add some green to the tops so that the end result looks like carrots. Don’t forget to date it so you can one day remember how small your baby’s feet once were.

It’s never too early to start creating some family traditions for the memory bank. Hop into some Easter fun with your baby’s first Easter.


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