How To Choose A Baby Sleep Suit

Do you dream swaddle your baby so they can have better sleep even in cooler nights? If swaddling your infant has become too tricky or they've aged out of the process, it means that baby sleep suits are for them. Baby sleep suits present all of the same perks - but how do you choose one?

Originating from ancient cultures who used cradleboards, swaddling has been used to keep babies wrapped up snuggly. This kind of baby snug helps them sleep and stay content while doing so. It also indicates that their sensitive skin is also being protected while they're enjoying their sleep time.

The Relationship between Swaddling and Baby Sleep Suits

Although swaddling has been advised to new parents for decades, there’s now a new way to apply the same concept in a more convenient form: organic cotton baby sleep suits, baby sleep bags, or sleep sack options are just a few examples.

A baby sleeping bag, or more commonly known as a sleep suit, is essentially a wearable blanket designed for babies and toddlers to sleep in a safe sleeping environment (even in cold weather). In fact, sleeping bags have been recommended by hospitals and health experts as a safer way to put babies to sleep than traditional swaddling or loose blankets, as they can’t be kicked off or pushed to the side.

Choosing the Right Sleep Suits Can Be a Great Transition

Despite the many benefits that using a baby sleep suit can provide to newborns, most people quickly become overwhelmed at navigating the many product options on the market. If you’re struggling to choose baby sleep suits or a sleep sack with short sleeves or long sleeves for your little boy or girl to give them the warmth, swaddle, and love they deserve, you must know about the key factors that you should consider before making a purchase.

We'll help you out in choosing the best, soft sleep suits for your little one so you can make sure they're turning into an active sleeper even during their nap time.


Although the use of baby sleeping bags has only been popularised in the United States in the last twenty years or so, the history of sleep bags can be traced all the way back to The Netherlands during the sixties, where a group of new mums were given sleep suits to study ways to reduce SIDS cases.

The research proved to yield positive results. Baby sleep suits have now been widely embraced as a more modern approach to the traditional swaddle practice. Despite the potential benefits for both babies and parents alike, how do you choose the perfect sleep suit to make it super easy for babies to spend the night in extra comfort?

Besides choosing different colours of soft and warm sleeping suits, you can achieve great transition of helping your newborn son or daughter sleep peacefully during bedtime by looking at the following considerations:

Shop for the Material That Keeps the Newborn Baby Warm

The frequent wash and wear of a sleeping suit means the quality of the fabric is important to stand the test of time. Fabrics that are breathable, yet warm (either in cold or room temperature) make for the most comfortable sleeping bags. Besides providing a warm feeling to your baby, the material should also align well with the room temperatures.

So, you can shop for a sleep suit that is made from natural fibres, such as organic cotton, wool, bamboo or merino. This will be a perfect gift for your baby's skin.

Safety Features That Also Keep the Baby Comfortable

As the goal of any sleep suit purchase is to ensure that your baby or toddler is able to sleep comfortably and safely even in room temperature, there are a few things that the ideal sleep suit should definitely not feature. Though it can be as warm yet comfortable as blankets, there should be no ribbons or loose decorations on the sleeping bag as they may get caught on the side of the cot or bedding. Besides, you should also avoid any products with a hood.

Your Baby's Age

Arm and neck holes that are too big run the risk of a baby slipping inside the sleeping bag while asleep. So, it’s important to get the right size sleep suit based on your baby’s age and measurements. Many parents use an armless sleep suit until around three months old. But it’s important to keep these free once the child is able to roll.

Zipper Placement

Baby sleeping bags are designed with either zippers up the front or down the side. Besides keeping in mind the room temperatures, most parents find that changing a baby during the night is easier with a J shaped two way zipper that connects along the front of a sleep suit. This design allows parents to keep their little ones' torso nice and cosy in the sleeping bag during the nappy change (before it's time to go for potty training).

Read the TOG Rating

TOG stands for Thermal Overall Grade and is an indication of how much a fabric insulates. In simple terms, a baby sleep bag is TOG rated according to the amount of warmth it provides. This temperature ensures that your little one stays warm enough during the night, yet doesn’t overheat during summer. That's why it's important to regulate temperature to swaddle the baby at night or during the bedtime.

Choose One of the Best Brands for Your Baby's Soft Body

Ultimately, a baby sleep suit can work wonders when it comes to creating a positive association with sleeping for your child. Besides getting the warmth they deserve, your baby will develop an association with their sleeping suit, meaning that every time they are put in their sleeping bag, it’s a strong cue that it’s time to take a nap - but where can you find high quality sleep suits that won’t break the bank?


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