Possible Reasons Why Your Baby Won't Sleep

Possible Reasons Why Your Baby Won't Sleep

One of the cutest things in the world is seeing a cosy baby snuggled up and snoozing away into their dreams. But on the flip side, there is nothing quite like feeling — frustration, empathy, and hopelessness — when you are trying to console an upset baby back to sleep.

Some Of The Reasons Why Your Baby Might Not Be Falling Asleep

There are so many different reasons why a baby might not be going to sleep when you would like them to. Unfortunately for parents, babies are not able to tell us the exact reason why they won’t sleep or tell us what we can do to help them.

Because of this, there is a lot of guesswork, as well as trial and error, in determining why a baby is not sleeping. To help you out, we want to tell you a couple of the common things that might be keeping your bub from having a good night’s sleep.

Hunger - One of the common reasons why a baby might not be falling back to sleep is if they are hungry. You should try and keep track of how much your baby is eating during the day to make sure they are not hungry at night.

Sleep cycle is mixed up - Young babies sometimes have their sleep cycles mixed up, which prevents them from knowing if it is day or night. It may take time to try and adjust their cycle, so they stay awake during the day and asleep at night.

Uncomfortable - Babies will wake up during the night if they are not comfortable. This might be because they are not at a comfortable temperature. Certain things like baby sleeping bags may be better at keeping your baby comfortable. But make sure they are at the appropriate age to use one.

Reflux - Another thing that may prevent your little one from sleeping is if they have reflux. If you want to know if your baby has reflux you should take them to a paediatrician. They will be able to provide you with sound medical advice.

Teething - Teething can be a nasty time for any bub. If you think that your baby’s teething is the reason why they won’t go to sleep it may be wise to look into ways to help your child through this milestone.

Sleep regression - If your baby is going through a sleep regression, they will have difficulty sleeping well. If you think this applies to you and your young one, you should look into ways to navigate a sleep regression.

Self-soothing - Another reason why your baby might be struggling to get to sleep at night is if they are still learning self-soothing methods.

Changing nap times – If your baby is napping more, less, or at different times during the day it is likely to change their sleeping patterns at night. You should be mindful of any changes during the day to determine if this is why they are not sleeping well at night.

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