The Positive Power Of Singing To Your Baby

The Positive Power Of Singing To Your Baby

Singing to your baby might be the next cute bonding activity the two of you can take up together. This fun and calming activity has so many benefits for you and your little one, which is why we think you should be giving it a go.

What Are The Benefits Of Singing To Your Baby?

Singing to your baby has so many great benefits. The benefits are not only good for your baby, but they will also be beneficial to you as well. And it is not just us saying this.

Dr Dennie Palmer Wolf says that “lullabies allow infants to create neural pathways for calming down, soothing, falling asleep, especially important in the early months of life when brain pathways are being created. A lullaby is an external routine that becomes an internal pathway for calming down.”

There are many other great reasons why you and your bub should be singing together.

It Can Comfort You Both

Babies are often in constant need of comfort. There are so many different things that can upset them or make them frustrated. And a lot of the time parents can be the same. This is why it is so important that parents and their little ones are able to find activities to do that can keep them both calm. Singing can be one of these activities. Singing calming and peaceful lullabies to your child is a known effective method when they need comfort. It can also comfort the parent, which is an added bonus.

It Is Great For Bonding

Another reason why singing to your baby is a great activity is that it will strengthen the bond between baby and parent.

When you sing to your baby you will be holding them, hugging them, keeping eye contact, and putting all of your focus on them. Your baby will also be focusing on the sound of your voice and the melody you are creating. These are all things that can build a stronger bond between parent and child.

It Can Assist Your Child’s Brain Development

The activity of singing can also help the brain development of your child. When singing, the baby will be paying close attention to you and holding their concentration for a decent amount of time. It may also assist them in learning language due to the repetition of the words in songs.

It Can Help Your Baby Calm Down

Singing to your baby may also help to calm them down. Using a soft singing voice and a soothing melody is a great way to try and calm down your baby if they are showing you signs that they are upset. While this may not always work, it is still great to give it a try.

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