Teaching Your Baby To Transition From A Bottle To A Cup

Teaching Your Baby To Transition From A Bottle To A Cup

It is an exciting time in any parent’s life when their bub is ready to make the transition from a bottle to a cup. Since the transition can be a little bit tricky, we wanted to fill you in on some of our favourite tips to help you make the transition smooth for your baby.

When To Introduce Your Child To A Cup

When your baby is about six months old and is begging to eat solid food is around the time when you should introduce a sippy cup or a suitable open cup. Introducing them to a cup will help them with their hand and mouth coordination and their other motor skills. It will also stop them from bottle rot and tooth decay.

Other signs that your child may be ready for a bottle include

  • They can sit upright
  • They have an interest in food
  • They have good control of their neck

Once they are ready, a sippy cup or open cup will quickly become one of your essential pram items.

How To Get Your Child To Start Using A Cup

It is important to use the right methods when trying to get your baby to use a cup. You want to properly encourage them to use one and make it worthwhile for them to use. Here are some of our tips.

  • Be patient. Not all babies will be quick to learn this skill.
  • Introduce the cup to them slowly at meals so they are not overwhelmed.
  • Give your baby a cup with a soft and pliable spout for their comfort.
  • Make a consistent routine for them to use the cups.
  • Celebrate with your child when they get used to the cup properly. This will give them the encouragement they need.
  • Demonstrate how to drink from a sippy cup to your baby and show them how to get the liquid.

Tips To Help Your Baby Fully Transition From Bottle To Cup

If you think it is time for your baby to fully transition from a bottle to a cup here are some tips to help you out.

  • If you are mid-way through the transition, you might want to keep the bottles away from the child’s eye line. The fewer bottles they see the less they will think about them.
  • You should make the bedtime bottle the last to be removed. You don’t want to disrupt their sleep schedule too much, and if your child is thirsty you can give them something from a sippy cup before they sleep.
  • It is probably going to be easier the sooner you introduce the cup to them, otherwise, they may grow too attached to using a bottle.
  • Slowly remove one bottle meal from them each day. If they get a bottle every breakfast you could replace just breakfast with bottles to start, and overtime include other times like lunch, and afternoon tea.

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