Why Do Babies Dribble?

We all know that one of the things that babies are best known for is all their drool and dribbling. Most of the time this is just a common occurrence due to the stage of development they are at in their life. However, we still want to answer your questions about why babies dribble.

Explaining Why Do Babies Dribble?

Most of the time there is a simple explanation for why babies are dribbling and drooling. Despite this we still want to fill you in on some of the common reasons why this happens, so you will have a better understanding of life with your bub. In the meantime, if your baby is getting drool everywhere, why not think about getting them a dribble bib?

Soothing Gums

One of the main reasons why your baby might be drooling so much is because drool and dribbling can be soothing if they are experiencing any soreness from their gums.

Softening Food

Babies will usually start to drool a lot around the time when they start eating food. Drooling can actually soften the food that your baby is eating. This is one of the reasons why your baby might be drooling and dribbling so much.

It Makes Swallowing Easier

All of the drool in their mouth will keep the inside of their mouth moist. One of the benefits of this is that it means it will be easier for your baby to swallow any food that they are eating.

Prevents Dry Mouth

The creation of drool from saliva glands will ensure that the child’s mouth will continue to be full of moisture. One of the advantages of this is that it can prevent the baby from the discomfort of a dry mouth.

Washes Away Food Residue

Another benefit of a child drooling constantly is that it will help to wash away and remove any leftover food residue from the mouth and teeth after eating. This is a great natural way for your child to maintain good oral hygiene.

Protects Their Teeth

Saliva also has many natural elements to it which can help break down different parts of food a child has eaten. Drooling therefore can help to keep a baby’s teeth healthy.


Some research has suggested that the production of saliva has to do with a baby’s developing digestive system. If this is true, drooling may be a sign that your child’s digestive system is developing healthily.


It is important to remember that drool may be a sign of choking. Keep an eye out for other signs of this including, not being able to speak or having trouble breathing. If this is happening, get medical help immediately.


Drool and dribbling may be one of the signs your child is teething, or that a new tooth is coming through.

Final thoughts

Drool and dribbling are a natural part of being a child, however, if it seems like something more serious get medical attention for your child.

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