Tips For Planning A Baby Shower

Tips For Planning A Baby Shower

Planning any get-together can be tricky — let alone one as important as your baby shower — so we want to give you some tips to take the stress away from planning this monumental occasion because you should be able to enjoy the great day ahead without needing to worry about a thing!

Our Best Tips For Planning A Stress-Free Baby Shower

As we said, baby showers should be a fun, heartwarming, and memorable occasion for everyone to love. But we also know that a lot of effort goes into planning a fantastic baby shower. If you are following the guide and the tips that we have written below then we think it will make a difference in creating a stress-free event.

Pick a date

First things first, you need to pick a date to hold the event. The more people you are thinking about inviting the trickier that is going to be. However, working with people may be a great way to ensure everyone you really want to attend can make it.

Pick a venue

Next is picking a venue. The venue can be something fancy or something low-key. Everyone is different and there is no correct place where this should be held. The venue is very important, but the company is still the most important part.

Will there be a theme?

Early on you will need to decide if you will be having a theme for the event. While a theme is not necessary, it is a good idea to know in the early planning whether you will be having one.

Make a guest list

Once you have got some of the other parts of the planning locked in it is important to start thinking up a guest list. While there are probably going to be many people who would love to attend, you must make sure that the most important people in the life of the mother are high up on the invite list.

What is going to be on the food and drink menu?

Choose what is going to be on the food and drink menu. When doing this be mindful if any of the guests have any dietary restrictions. If any do, make alternative plans for them.

What activities and games will there be?

Make a list and think about what activities and games will be played throughout the event. There are so many to pick from, so choose wisely and find ones you think will be enjoyed by all.

Will you need a photographer?

While it is completely optional, some may like to have a photographer at their baby shower. If there is going to be a photographer at the one you are planning, you should book well in advance.

Have a spot for gifts

It is nice to have a spot for the guests to leave their gifts. You might also want to check out our ultimate baby registry checklist for some more ideas.

Send out your invitations

Now that everything is prepared and organised you can send out your invitations to everyone on your guest list.

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