Why We Use Organic Muslin Wraps In Summer

Why We Use Organic Muslin Wraps In Summer

While keeping babies warm enough understandably receives a lot of attention, organic muslin wraps are a key tool to keep them cool once the weather heats up. 

As anyone with a newborn baby knows, your choice of fabric matters. From breastfeeding covers, bibs, blankets and more, any form of material that your baby will be exposed to will not only have an impact on their skin, but will also have a big part to play when it comes to regulating their temperature.

While babies can lose heat at a rate nearly four times faster than an adult, it’s equally as important to keep them cool during the summer months, especially if they’re outside on a family friendly adventure in the sun.

Although synthetic materials are a big no no when it comes to the right types of baby fabric, the alternative options can easily feel overwhelming. For most new parents, organic cotton is usually regarded as the go-to material of choice but there is one other safe and snuggly alternative to explore: muslin.

Unpacking The Power Of Muslin Fabrics For Babies

While similar in some ways, muslin and cotton are still two completely different fabrics. Muslin has its own set of benefits that make it unique, as it’s considered to be lighter and more breathable than cotton, making it ideal for summer clothing. Even at medium and thicker weights, muslin is still lightweight, which is why it’s regarded as a material of choice for new parents.

For many people, confusion with the two products arises from the fact that muslin fabric is actually made from cotton, but certain forms can also incorporate silk and viscose. Muslin differs from other cotton weaves used for items like shirts and dresses, as the material commands a much looser and more open weave.

Despite it being incredibly common today, muslin was once a luxury fabric. Although it is commonly believed that the cloth originated in the Iraqi city of Mosul, it is now understood that the cloth likely originated in ancient India. Known as Jamdani, this original form of muslin was usually brightly coloured and patterned, while remaining lightweight and almost sheer.

At the time, making muslin clothing was labour intensive and required skill and patience, but it’s now little wonder that this fabric was so highly prized - especially in a country with a climate as hot as India.

Today, muslin’s versatility and breathability has seen it used in everything from photography backdrops to cooking to surgical procedures. While its use is widespread, new parents will often associate this fabric with one key item: organic muslin wraps for babies.

With an extremely soft touch that gets surprisingly softer after every wash, organic muslin wraps are regarded as being every new parent’s best friend. They are ideal for use during our hot Australian summers and these items can be used to shield a baby from the sun whilst breastfeeding, as a pram cover or even to throw over a shoulder as a means to protect from unpredictable burping periods.

For parents with a newborn, organic muslin wraps are particularly popular for swaddling. Although considerably thinner than a jersey cotton wrap, this feature is what actually makes them perfect for our warmer days when you still want to be able to swaddle your baby but need to be careful of them overheating.

As a general rule, the perfect organic muslin wraps should soothe your baby while helping to regulate their temperature at the same time. Wrapping should be firm enough to feel like your child is being cuddled or held but not so tight that your baby can’t move. As such, organic muslin wraps are often the simplest way to swaddle your newborn - but where do you find them?

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